Marketing Website Plan
Marketing Website Plan $79.95/month
Everything but Secure Shopping. Implement a complete marketing plan.
Perfect for those that need a web site without Secure Shopping. Add fresh information to your web site. Enjoy the benefits of hiring a webmaster at a lower cost than a do-it-yourself web site.
If you don't want to develop your own web site, we will do all the work for you. We speak with you directly to create and customize a web site that meets your expectations.

     FREE Webmaster on Call
     FREE Domain Name
     FREE Marketing Package
     FREE Custom Design Package
     FREE Set-up
     FREE Web Mail
     UNLIMITED Web pages
     UNLIMITED Email Addresses
     UNLIMITED Webmaster Support Calls

And for the do-it-yourself types...
Alphred, our proprietary 'Web Studio' and 'Content Management' Software, gives you an easy way to point-and-click to make changes to your site or add fresh content.

     You do not need to install anything on your computer
     You do not need to spend money on web publishing software
     You do not need to figure it all out by yourself

With 'Webmaster On Call' we can give you the answer or point you towards a wide array of resources to boost your understanding of marketing-oriented web design.

In Addition, we have the expertise and experience to create unique graphics tailored to your business needs. Our seasoned design team can design impressive graphics and stationery keeping in mind your individual business and specifications.


We have been doing this since 1998. We used to price our work the ways others do and ask for money up front. Then we cam up with the idea for the Essential Plan and the Ecommerce Plan. Clients have been signing up for these plans sice we made them available in 2004... And we have never lost one client.


If you plan to expand your website in the future. You should know that the Essential Plan has proven to be the way to go for our clients.

Response time:
With the Essential Plan, we guarantee fast response time:
text changes - 48-hours
graphic changes - five business days
software changes - five to ten business days
These response times are unmatched in the industry. Good luck getting an in-house webmaster to react this quickly.

Why do things the hard way? If you hire us:

You will have a complete website without paying thousands up front.

Your web site can grow without paying any upgrade fees.

You will save thousands of dollars by not paying a local webmaster to take forever to get anything done.

You can easily budget the low monthly payment and now worry about any other fees.

You don't have to learn anythign about computer code or making webpages

You can concentrate on running your business.

You will have a 'Webmaster On-Call' whenever you need any changes to your website.

What is the lowest cost to hire a webmaster to maintain a website? If you want a complete website with all the possibilities available and and you want to have a webmaster on call, you have found the firm you're looking for.
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Click here for details.

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