The Engineer Lab - Enterprise Class Solutions
The Engineer Lab  - Enterprise Class Solutions
IT Consulting, Software Development, Secure Networks... Outsource to us
An engineering approach to high profile, business-critical applications demands a complete solution within existing budget allocations. This is what we do.
The Engineer Lab has carried out the following Out-Sourced Projects:

     Multi-Level Security Access Software and Protocol Implementation
     Trans-Continental Content Management Systems.
     Database Conversions.
     E-commerce Application Development.
     Web site Migrations.
     Enterprise Web Application Development.
     National Internet Marketing Strategy Development

The Engineer Lab has developed software for the following Applications:

    Real-world, Real-time Data Modeling [Four Dimensional]
     Inventory and Sales Analysis
     Fleet Management and Maintenance
     International Customs And Shipping
     Marketing Delivery and Reporting Systems

    Virtual Data Modeling [Multi-Dimensional]
     Stock Reporting Tools
     Custom Business Data Architecture
     Corporate Data Management
     Comprehensive Marketing Analysis Software

    Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm Creation
     Robotic Hardware Management Systems
     Web Server Security
     Multi-Level Corporate Data Access

    Single-Portal Software Integration
     Public and Secure Data Exchange Portals
     Web Server Management
     Web Enabled GPS Location Systems
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